Basic Shape (effect)


Requires FCPX 10.4.8. Can be backdated to 10.4.

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Basic Shape

The "Effect" version of Basic Outline Shape.

Designed as an Effect. If you don’t care for the default settings, simply create an instance of the Basic Shape, make your preferred settings, then Save As Effects Preset to save your changes as a default! You can save as many different variations as you like to make application of this effect simple in the future.


Two basic shapes: Rectangle and Circle — Cannot be keyframed

Position parameter with OnScreen Control


Size/Width and Height

Fill Color/Opacity

Outline Color/Opacity

Outline Width

Joint features (Round, Square, Bevel) — Cannot be keyframed

Outline end features (Square, Round, Bevel, Arrow) — Cannot be keyframed

Arrow Length/Width (when Arrow used)

Rectangle Roundness (when Rectangle used)

Oval Curvature (when Circle used).

Installation Instructions.

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