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Animated Border


Drop one or more Animated Borders on your clip, set the border size, corner roundness, the color including “edge” color, an optional Drop Shadow. Then choose when the animation starts and stops for in and out (in % of length of clip).

Included is Pan – SC which can exactly match the Border animations to “slide” your subject to a new “fit” inside the border.

Requires FCPX 10.4.10 or higher.

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Animated Border - one effect - any media size

The video pretty much speaks for itself. Set the Width you want, the Roundness, the Color and add a Drop Shadow if desired.

Use the Animation controls to create the animation timing. Easing is included.


*This effect works in any aspect ratio, including Anamorphic Widescreen SD . However the specific case of Anamorphic Widescreen SD requires adjusting Scale X or the clip to 97.8% (adjusting for overscan).

Animated Border - parameters

Included with the download is Pan – SC which can be used to “refocus” your main subject inside the border and maintain the same animation timing!

Add Pan – SC to your clip before the border(s). For the timing controls, copy what you use for the border. Set the Start and End Pan parameters to the opposite values to reverse the pan and return to normal.


Installation Instructions.

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