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Cross Dissolve Subliminal


Cross Dissolve Subliminal is a simple transition through color with a short text message provided.

Requires Final Cut Pro 10.4.10 or higher. May be backdated to 10.0.

Cross Dissolve - Subliminal and Color

There are two transitions included: one with text (Subliminal) and one without (Color) which is provided if you don’t need to use the text for any particular section of your video.

Subliminal defaults to “Like Subscribe Ring the Bell” for YouTubers. Just select the font, size and position it using an OnScreen Control.

There are timing controls for the appearance and disappearance of the text. Make the message as short as you like. Timing defaults to the entire length of the transition.


Both Transitions default to a Fade Through Color of Black with a Text Color of White.

Easing is applied to the Fade separately by Incoming clip and Outgoing clip.

If you organize your fonts in Font Book, the Collection will make finding your specific fonts easier to find.

Default font is DDT — it is part of the “FCPX collection” of fonts installed with Final Cut.

The rest of the parameters should be familiar.

Cross Dissolve Subliminal parameters

When creating a “one-sided” transition with a color other than black (fading to or from a Gap or the beginning or end of you project), Right-Click on the transition and make sure “Transition to/from Black” is unselected!

Installation Instructions.

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