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1 UP Corner


An essential tool for extremely simple to make 4-Up displays. Requires FCPX 10.4.1 or higher. Compatible with all video sizes of the following aspect ratios available in Final Cut: 1.316, 1.3333…, 1.7777…, 1.896 or 2.0.

1 UP Corner

For super simple 4-up displays. Simply stack your clips, drag-n-drop this effect and choose the corner quadrant to place them. Accurate. Seamless. Includes optional borders. Works with any size video available in Final Cut Pro (does not support “custom” sizes). NOTE: mixing aspect ratio media that are not the same aspect as the project may require additional manual scaling (provided) to fill the quadrant. Does not rely on anchor points for positioning.

1 UP Corner is an extremely simple effect for Final Cut Pro. Version 2 adds support for Final Cut Pro supported (default) project aspect ratios.

Advanced uses include applying Ken Burns to animate to and from full screen and use with titles for easy placement into quadrant centers. See video below. Can be “doubled” for a 16-Up display (or placing individual videos in a 4 x 4 grid).

User Guide:

Installation Instructions.

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