The Quad X and Dividers


Compatible with FCPX 10.0.8 and higher.


The Quad X and Dividers

Two useful generators.

The Quad X is an extension of Dividers. It features four drop zones which, by default, will always be centered within their respective sections (parameters to offset the DZs from their centered locations included, as well as opacities for each to facilitate fade in/out effects.) The Quad X is not capable of rotation however (at this time.)

Dividers will allow you to quickly and easily separate areas in your video for insets and/or titling (retro 60’s/70’s TV opening sequences.) Several features include individual color “backgrounds” (or overlays) with opacity control, line thickness, and rotation! OnScreen Controls to allow you to quickly set the lines (as well as rotate the set.) Need more than 4 sections? Stack this generator to create more. Dividers is fast, lightweight and versatile.


Installation Instructions.

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