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Grid is an Effect to be used as an alignment tool or as a design element!

Grid requires FCPX 10.4.6 or higher (may be backdated).


As an Effect!

November 7, 2019 Grid is now also bundled with SC KeyFX, Highlighter, S•C Retimer and SC Video Fixers at almost 50% discount! Please see this offer before you buy!

Every designer should be using a grid to design layouts. If you think grids are only for “print” — don’t fool yourself. In effect: you need this plugin. Grid as an effect can also be incorporated into your videos as a design element (with Color and Shape Mask access.)

The default application of Grid places a grid overlay on your Clip, Title or Generator (effects cannot be applied to Transitions) within the new SMPTE HD Title Safe zone (90%).

Grid - default basicThere are parameters to resize the width and height of the grid, so this is just a starting point.

Since Grid is an Effect, it can be applied numerous times on a single clip (or Title/Generator) without cluttering up your storyline. For example, here is a Solid Color generator with 3 separate Grid effects applied, each with its own spacings applied, along with grid line colors and their optional solid color background which conforms to the boundaries of the grid.

Grid Combinations

Below are two overlapping Grid effects using different horizontal and vertical guide counts (background opacities applied to intensify the overlap effect). This could be useful in creating columned content.

Grid DoubledIn the next image, several Highlighter effect elements are being layed out over the video content. The Grid makes lining up the Highlighter instance quick and accurate!

Grid - laying out elementsThe final effect:

grid final effectA quick way to create an interesting Opener Title sequence background.

If you take a close look at the feature image for this product, you’ll notice the grid applied to the clip with a color mask used to “send” it into the background so you can also use Grid as a *design element* for your clips, etc.


Installation Instructions.

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