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Scrolling Banner


Infinitely repeating text scrolls (well… up to 20 minutes long) which can include “multiline” messages.

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Scrolling Banner - constant, steady, message crawl

Scrolling Banner can be used to create an infinitely crawling text banner.

One line or many, either direction, a crawl that last up to 20 minutes at a time. (For longer durations, duplicate the effect.)

Place your text. Create multiple lines of text as you would any title. The message is still repeated.

It is recommended that extra spaces are added at the front of each line to help separate the repeating texts.

Other text options like font, size, alignment, line spacing tracking and all caps are provided.

Track padding adds extra background behind the text.

Vertical location of the banner on the screen conveniently controlled with an OnScreen Control.

The speed of the crawl is controlled by two parameter: Scroll Speed and Extend. Only use Extend for longer scrolling times as it will speed up the text quite a bit in shorter clips.


Installation Instructions.

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