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SC Color Glitch


Complete control over the timing of the effect. Requires FCPX 10.4.10 or higher but may be backdated to 10.4.0. To be installed as an Effect. Includes an “adjustment layer” (SC Glitch Layer) to be installed as a Title.

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SC Color Glitch

SC Color Glitch has been designed with your creativity in mind.

SC Color Glitch allows you to specify the exact timing of the effect. You can add more than one and have the effects overlap.

SC Glitch Layer, an “adjustment layer” is included (if you don’t already have one). Use it to add the effect to everything in the storyline including Transitions!

Control the Amount, Frequency, “Noisiness” and the Angle of the glitching (parameters may be keyframed for extra effect). A Random Seed can be used to force variations.

Start Time % and End Time % are the timing selectors and are to be used with respect to the timeline length of the clip. If you need precision, try using Percent of Clip to make entering the number values easy!

Default settings for timing are Start Time % = 0 (the beginning of the clip) and End Time % = 5 (for a ten second clip, that is a half second duration). Short durations are recommended! You can start and end the effect at any point in the clip you’d like.

You can add as many SC Color Glitch effects as you need on a clip and even have the timings overlap each other for additive effect. You can also use SC Glitch Layer and set the length of the title to whatever you need. Option drag the title and duplicate the effect and spread the effect out over your storyline.



Installation Instructions.

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