Video Wrap – Cube


Compatible with FCPX 10.0.7 or higher.


Video Wrap – Cube

An Effect that maps a clip to a cube

Video Wrap – Cube is an effect that can be applied to a clip to automatically “map” it to a cube. Controls for just about every aspect for animation. Simply drop this on any clip

Download includes three variations of the effect:

Video Wrap – Cube (the original – default state: completely Open)
Video Wrap – Cube Closed (pre-built with the cube already closed)
Video Wrap – Cube Preset 1 (pre-built cube with some transparency and rotated)

Read the installation Read Me that accompanies the download.



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Why this title is no longer free?

Once upon a time I could monetize my videos on YouTube. I would post a video for a product and rely on views to make money. As it turned out, users would go to a video and stay just long enough to find the download link in the Description… then leave. YouTube now requires a certain number of hours a year at a minimum to monetize videos. To this day, I am still not meeting that requirement. I still try to keep the cost of most of my templates down to a minimum — that does not mean they are inferior — it just means they’re more affordable than you would find from others.

Video Wrap - Cube Demo

Video Wrap - Cube Tutorial

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