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 A classic retro effect to enhance your videos.
Likely to require FCPX 10.3 or above.



A classic retro effect to enhance your videos.Likely to require FCPX 10.3 or above.This is a wide-ranging yet simple effect to use. The results can be stunningly beautiful! This is not your average “colorize” filter.Features:
  • Preset Color selections
  • Ability to create custom color selections
  • Ability to switch back and forth between presets and custom while designing
  • Custom color selections can be keyframed to change over time
  • Duotone intensity — full color or “drained” to black and white (keyframable)
  • Brightness control to boost detail in darker color effects
  • Levels controls to adjust image for detail, increase contrast and adjust “balance” of dual colors
  • Contrast reduction controls to alleviate any black or white “crushing”.
  • Mix control to animate from full color image to duotone.
  • Available effects masks for split effect with full color image.

Installation Instructions.

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