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These generators require FCPX 10.1 or higher.



Generator — includes Curtains Reversed

There are two generators included — same generator with the animations reversed. One begins with the curtains open and closes through the middle, then opens again at the end. The other begins with the curtains closed, then open through the middle and close at the end. There are Build In and Build Out options for both so that they can be strung together in opening and closing animations.

The Curtains generator has a “spot light” effect for the front of the closed curtain section. There is an OnScreen Control to control the Light effect. It also controls the size. Parameters included for keyframing the light animation (and size).

Click the video tab to the left to watch the demo. Demo was made with Intertitle 3 background, Curtains Reversed and Curtains side by side with Annotation Marks > Annotate to add the “placeholder figures” (as text from a font). Since the font characters were added as an Effect to Curtains, masking could be applied to make the figures appear at first behind the curtains, then afterwards, in front of the curtains. Video magic from right within Final Cut Pro.



Installation Instructions.

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Curtains Demo

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