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Intertitle 3


Requires FCPX 10.4.4 or higher. Requires installation of a provided font.

Intertitle 3D

An Art Deco • Silver Screen • Silent Era • Retro • Device

Intertitle 3 has been designed as a single plugin. There are eighteen different borders (with four minor variants), two separate text titles and a separator/divider (ten different styles).

Use all design elements, any of them, or none of them and build your own text foreground against a beautifully textured background with a built in Drop Zone that can be used to customize an image with panning and scaling the media, scaling the drop zone, feathering its edge to give a projected look, saturation and brightness controls to adjust its “influence”. The card itself can be tinted Black and optionally very subtle Brown, Green, (Dark) Cyan, Blue or Magenta. Everything you need to create a title masterpiece.

It’s all 3D. You can scale, position, rotate and animate the entire effect in 3D space.

The “dialog” title section is in “paragraph” format meaning it can be used as a simple Text Edit field with tabs for more refined formatting. You have the full power of the Text Inspector for all aspects of the “production” and “dialog” title sections.

Here are 16 of the 20 corner designs:

Sixteen of the eighteen available corners for intertitle

The tile with “intertitle 2” (Sun & Fronds) has no upper left corner.

Two newly added corners:

Two newly added Intertitle Corners

Two fonts were created for this plugin. Installing ZZSC Intertitle Six is required; Intertitle Deco is optional, however the plugin is set to use it as the default font for the Dialog Text.

Pricing Explained

  • because it creates rarity… exclusivity.
  • because It took over two years to bring to market.
  • because the 30+ years of all the combined skills to create something like this.




Installation Instructions.

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A good place to see all of my effects as well as several tutorials and other demonstrations in use is on my YouTube channel.