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Bi-Color Fill


Bi-Color Fill has been designed for three optional applications: as a general fill effect, as a replace color effect and as a Title background.

Requires FCP 10.4.10 or higher but may be backdated to 10.4.

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Bi-Color Fill - makes an excellent background

There are three application Methods:

  1. Fill (use with masks)

  2. Replace Color

  3. Title Background (or other Alpha)

The Center parameter is the location around which the color split is divided, and rotated.


Rotation reorients the split.

Fade reduces the opacity of the colors “globally” (together).

Color 1 and Color 1 Opacity sets the “top” (default orientation) color.

Color 2 and Color 2 Opacity sets the “bottom” color.


The Fill method simply overwrites a clip with the chosen colors. Replace Color reduces the saturation of your clip and applies the colors to the luminance. Title Background, when applied to the Basic Title (or similar) will place the Bi-Color Fill behind the text.

Using the Effects Masks Color Mask with this effect can be used to select Alpha channels as well as specific colors to be replaced with your bi-color fill.

Bi-Color Fill Replace Color demo
Replace Color Mode (with Color Masking)

Installation Instructions.

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