Balloons is an effect that can be applied to clips, titles or generators.

Requires FCPX 10.4.9 or higher—may be backdated to 10.4.

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Balloons — Be Happy — Celebrate!

This effect is a little processor intensive but it will play fairly well without rendering a clip*. However, do not try to change parameters while the clip with this effect is applied is playing or you will have to wait as FCPX makes a lot of changes to the individual balloons that are drawn.


Gradient color range designer. Saving as Effects Presets saves your custom gradient so you don’t have to do it again.

Initial Number will throw up a burst of balloons all at once.

Birth Rate will constantly produce new Balloons. Rate is in number per second.

Birth Rate Randomness: like Birth Rate but has the random chance not to generate an instance.

Speed and Speed Randomness: the rate at which the balloons ascend (the only direction is up*)

Scale Graphic scales the illustration.

Scale Randomness applies a variation to the graphic element size.

Scale Effect scales everything (this is a very large volume in order to fill a scene in a 3D space.) When applying this effect to a title, you will probably want to scale everything down.

Move Down will assist in being able to start the animations below the screen bottom edge when scaling the effect down. The only direction is downwards.

Randomize Balloons changes up any part that is randomized – the number, the layout, the speed, etc.

Wiggle Length applies to how much wiggling is applied to the “string”. Full length, Two Thirds, Half, and End are the options.

String Bend applies to how much the string will displace in its animation.

String Wiggle is the speed of string animation.

Top Balloon Opacity – there’s a highlight shape area at the top of each balloon. This parameter can be used to even out the blending with the body.

Balloon Body Opacity – this can be used to darken (more opaque) of fade balloons.

Backing Opacity – you can ‘t always control the content balloons pass over. The backing is a solid white shape that exactly matches the balloon shape. Adjusting its opacity helps make the balloon stand out more when necessary.

Random Mvmt Amt – Each Balloon “born” has a slight random motion applied to it to make its animation more realistic. Control the amount of variation with this control.

Random Motion will regenerate the random number generator controlling the Random Movement.

*My system is a 2017 iMac i5. 24GB RAM/4GB vRAM — so, not top of the line.


Installation Instructions.

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