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Floating Text


A gently waving text effect that does not require keyframing!

Floating Text requires Final Cut Pro X 10.4.9 or higher but may be backdated to 10.4.

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Floating Text

No Keyframing required. Rotation and Swing parameters are automated with timing controls. Built in Fade In/Fade Out controls. Easy font access.

Includes an OnScreen Control for easy positioning.

Drop Distance automates the vertical movement animation.

Swing Start Angle is the amount of rotation given to the text that falls off to zero at the end of the animation creating a natural swinging effect. Oscillate end controls when the ending of the swinging (in % of clip length). There is also an Easing parameter (100% is maximum Ease In/Out).

Anchor Y sets the distance of the swing from the fulcrum to the bottom of the text.

Start and End Rotation control how the title turns on the screen. Values go from -120º to +120º. Controls to start and end the animation in % of clip length included. Easing also available.

It may be necessary to render the title to affect smooth playback in FCPX (for some reason it seems to stall under certain circumstances… oh well.. maybe next version 😉




Installation Instructions.

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