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Ad Countdown


Ad Countdown marks time to “expire”. Timing is independent of length of clip.

Requires FCPX 10.4.10 or higher (may be backdated to 10.4).

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AD Countdown - a common element in streamed content

Ad Countdown is a very simple add-on. It displays a – time  until end – indicator.

Recommendation: Add to a Title lengthened to mark the time lapse if a countdown is needed in a longer clip and the start time begins sometime past the beginning.

Timing is quite accurate. Time *entry* is in H:M:S:Hundredths of a second. Most of the time whole number seconds will be used, but if you need fractional seconds, a quarter second will be .25, etc… It won’t be necessary to count frames.

Maximum countdown time is 5 minutes (or 300 seconds) — time countdown is in seconds. Maximum start time is 300. Times greater than 5 minutes will be also be counted as 5 minutes.

An alternative indicator replaces the seconds count with “AD”.

There is an OSC for position in the Viewer which can be hidden (check the Hide OSC option). Since the OSC is over text, remember to change the cursor tool to something other than Select or Zoom ([B]lade, [R]ange, [T]rim, [H]and, or [P]osition).

Location can be keyframed to animate position.

Indicator Width will change the size of the Indicator track.

Indicator Size can be used to decrease the “padding” of the indicator around the center text/numbers — to “tighten it up”.

Fade Out Time begins at the end of the countdown and is in approximate frames (depending on project frame rate). Essentially, the effect turns off when the 0 value expires. You can judge how much fade time to add until that event.

The rest is appearance: text/number color, indicator color and track color. Track has an option to be transparent.

Ad Countdown parameters

Installation Instructions.

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