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Shadow Frame


Shadow Frame, like the others, automatically conforms to any media size. Can be customized to use as a Title frame.

To be installed as an Effect.


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Shadow Frame - an inset effect

Size is a percentage of media dimensions. Useful for quickly resizing for Titles.

Offset Width and Offset Height are measured relative to a square dimension, so equal distances/measurements from the edges. Useful for media frames.

Width is the “span” of the shadow region.

Opacity can be used to soften the effect. This might be necessary for some lighter clips.

Fade Falloff will “tighten” the edge shadow.

Darken Inside will apply a shadowy effect to the content inside the frame. The default blend mode is Mulitply but there is an option for Normal.

This effect can be positioned anywhere with the convenience of an OnScreen Control and there are published location parameters (if you need to keyframe.)



Two Shadow Frames (one for the text). Media aspect 1.89:1.

Installation Instructions.

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