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SC Split Screen


SC Split Screen has been completely rebuilt from scratch; it automatically conforms to any aspect ratio, three styles (including “squeeze”), and easy to use timing controls with an onscreen guide.

Requires FCP 10.4.10 or higher but may be backdated to 10.4.0.

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SC Split Screen - Easy to use multi-purpose effect

The original Split Screen 2-Way began as a solution to an Apple forum question. It remains as a cost effective alternative to this effect.

All the stops were pulled out for this complete redesign of the the original.

First and foremost, like all of our templates, this is 100% created in Apple Motion. It will continue to work regardless of updates to Final Cut Pro or Apple processors.

This effect will correctly and automatically adapt to any aspect ratio image or clip, a feature that I have been incorporating as often as possible with all new templates.

There are three different styles of split built into this one template:

  1. Normal (the clip does not move),
  2. Slide (the clip automatically moves to center into the split space provided for it), and
  3. Squeeze (the clip is scaled horizontally or vertically depending on the Direction and fit into its split space.)

All you need to do is set the Percentage of screen you want to split, set the starting and ending time of the “opening” animation and the starting and ending time of the “closing” animation.

You have extra features that allow you to adjust animations. For example:

  • Pan controls allow you to fine tune the placement of the clip.
  • Set a displacement for the Normal style and at the end of the animation it will automatically reset to centered and fill the frame correctly.

There is an OnScreen guide that can be toggled on/off to indicate the Percentage of time into a clip you are in so you can easily set up the timing animations.

Parameters to set the color, opacity and width of the divider line as well as the color and opacity of a background layer if you choose not to layer the effect to use two (or more) separate clips.

Multiple instance of SC Split Screen can be applied to individual clips to expand its effect. For example, it is possible to make a clip appear at center screen and expand outward to fill the frame.


Installation Instructions.

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