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Magnifying Glass


Requires installation of the provided font: ZZSCMagnifyingGlass-Regular.ttf. Requires FCPX 10.4.7 (although it can be backdated to 10.2.3).

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Magnifying Glass

A 3D Model as a Title for FCPX


  • This is a 3D Model (requires installation of the supplied font: ZZSC Magnifying Glass-Regular.ttf)
  • An Onscreen Control for positioning and adjusting the “Magnify Amount”
  • Z-Position to raise the Magnifying Glass above the subject — subject to parallax movement.
  • Scale – makes the Magnifying Glass larger or smaller (without parallax movement).
  • Rotation – normally you would just rotate the handle, but you can also rotate along X & Y for a full 3D effect.
  • Magnify Amount – allows you to “spread” the range of the Magnify Scale for better results
  • Magnify Scale – allows you to warp the storyline video to make it look as if it is actually magnified (or the inverse is also possible).
  • Cast Shadow is an option that will use the Light Rotation controls to cast a shadow on your storyline media
  • Light Rotation – controls to direct the lighting (affects shadows when on and the specular highlights on the model).
  • Specular Shine – an option to add a little more reflective light on the glass portion of the model.

Product demo:

Recommended for use with Highlighter 2 , which contains Highlighter Clone Layer and Highlighter Clone Transforms allowing you to match the “plane” of the magnified region with the angle of the Magnifying Glass effect with the ability to mask the region with a Shape Mask. For example:

Magnifying Glass 3D Model Title for FCPX

Installation Instructions.

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