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Shatter 3.2 Generator


Shatter is a 3D effect. Shatter requires FCPX 10.3.4 or higher. Shatter also requires installing a font (provided).

Shatter 3.2

Shatter 3.2 is a 3D Text effect. It can be animated forward (breaking) or backwards (reassembling).

Are you going to let a little keyframing get in the way of using a really cool effect like this. All those broken glass pieces were “hand-drawn” (repeatedly) to make the edges exactly match each other. Now that’s dedication to the craft. All you have to do is move a slider to pick a position for the state of the breakage. I left off the automatic animation on purpose because this is much more powerful if you can make up your own mind how you want to have this effect progress. Choices are power.

Installation Instructions.

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