Les Paul 3D Model


Requires Motion 5.2.1 or better/FCPX 10.2.1 or better. Requires ZZSCGibsonGuitar-Regular.otf font (included).


Les Paul 3D Model

A Generator for Final Cut Pro X

Apple Motion as a 3D modelling and animation application! This started out as a 3D Model, by the time I finished this video, I had updated several features and published enough parameters to make this a passable Final Cut generator. (Expect long render times — recommended: don’t render, export [prores 4444 to maintain transparency], re-import the video.) If you try to render in FCPX then export, you’re wasting your time because FCPX will render the generator again.

Model includes a font you can use in any other type of project (see font licensing agreement).


Installation Instructions.