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Guides 2


Guides is a complete makeover of the original with considerably more features.

This product supersedes previous versions. If you purchased SC Guides 3 or the previous version of Guides, you may contact me (use Support/Contact form) and provide the Order Number from your purchase notice and email address you used for your purchase and I will send you a FREE upgrade.

Guides - Ultimate Utility for Layout Designs

4/6/24 — Now automatically supports any clip/image pixel dimensions. Numerical values are based on the Media Height parameter (set to 1080 by default). The drop down menus for Horizontal and Vertical Pixels have been removed.

6/22/21 — New feature: added the ability to Hide the OSCs which will aid precision alignments at the intersection of lines.

Guides are simple to use and have many features.

You can save any and all your layout designs as Effects Presets.

The default origin for measuring is the center, but you can designate a corner or edge midpoint to measure distances from.

The default distance unit has been changed from percent in the latest update. Switch to percent at any time by clicking a simple checkbox.
Guides 2 no longer needs any interaction for horizontal dimensions (aspect ratio is automatically determined).
Percent measurements are exceptionally easy to use no matter what the aspect size of your project is! Switch to pixels if you need even more accuracy.
Designate custom line colors and width.
The guide lines have a default Display showing the positional values. This can be hidden (checkbox option) when you’ve finished setting up your layout so you do not need to save the display with your Effects Preset.
Use Shape Masks (available with each instance of the effect) to limit the lines drawn on the screen.

Shown in the video below, examples for new (modern) SMPTE safe zones (title safe zones = 90% or the old NTSC Action Safe zone and Action Safe = 93%), and Rule of Thirds which make good starter projects.

Guide Layer Title still accompanies the download.



Installation Instructions.

Keep up to date with Sight-Creations on Twitter.

A good place to see all of my effects as well as several tutorials and other demonstrations in use is on my YouTube channel.

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