Fade Linear to S-Curve


Fade Linear to S-Curve requires FCPX 10.4.8 but may be backdated to FCPX 10.2.

Fade Linear to S-Curve was created by specific request.

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Fade Linear to S-Curve Effect for FCPX


Add this effect to a clip. Set the Type (fade in/out), the Start and End times (in % of length of clip) and the amount of curvature. Zero is linear and 100% is the maximum S-curve. Any value in between is a blend.

This effect allows  you to customize fades without having to deal with the Video Animation editor. Applied to a clip over the storyline, allows for creating a really nice transition.

Up to two instances can be added to a clip — one for the fade in and one for the fade out. As long as the Start/End Times don’t overlap, this setup will work perfectly.

You may also set up different fade lengths/styles and save them as Effect Presets.  This will be very convenient when you need to add two Fade effects to the same clip. An Effect Preset will automatically load both with the same settings you saved — at once!

Once you get used to the UI, you will find that the Start/End Times in % of the length of the clip is an easy way to quickly determine the timing of the fader effects.

Installation Instructions.

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