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Denim Casual


These have been updated, so compatibility is FCPX 10.4.7 or higher, however these titles can be backdated to 10.2.

Denim Casual

Opener and Lower Third

The Opener is as basic as any of the openers you get with Final Cut Pro. There are four “stages”: an opening title page followed by a two drop zone “patches” with titling, followed by single drop zone patch followed by a final stage.

Denim Casual Lower Third is also quite basic. There is a drop zone to provide a logo or other type of symbol on the “leather patch”. It can also be used as a regular drop zone (but that would pretty much ruin the effect).

Denim Casual Demo:

(Highlighter effects used to scale and rotate the title on a background.)

Here is a guide to filling drop zones to "perfection"!

Installation Instructions.

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