Concentric Shapes


Concentric Shapes — a highly versatile background, a foreground and a specialized mask that can be animated. Multiple copies can be used on a single clip to create more interesting visuals. This effect can be backdated to 10.4.0.

Includes the Stroke effect (outlines Alpha channel) which will require FCPX 10.4.9 or higher. There is no option to backdate this effect.

Alpha Outline and Alpha Levels will be included with this download as a substitute for Stroke since not all users can update to 10.4.9 yet.


Concentric Shapes (and Stroke)

I saw this hanging in a tweet, and I just couldn’t resist!

Watch the demo for ideas.

Concentric Shapes is a tool for the artist in you. It’s very basic but can be exploited for a wide range of effects.

What kind of options are there?

  1. Nine Shapes: Circle, Square, Triangle, Diamond, Pentagram, 5-pointed Star, Hexagon, Octagon, and Heart
  2. Overlay Color
  3. Opacity
  4. Blend Mode (Normal, Multiply, Burn, Add, Dodge, Overlay, Light and Alpha)
  5. Shape Scale (distort the original shape in X and Y directions — Z won’t make a difference)
  6. Shape Transform – changes the shape towards a circle except for the Circle shape which transforms to a square.
  7. Shape Rotation – rotates the orientation of all shapes
  8. Align Angle to Path – rotates all shapes on the circle paths to the tangent on the circle at its location
  9. Path Angle Offset – separately rotates all the path shapes from the original center shape
  10. Offset Path Position – slides all path shapes along their path from -360º to +360º for the innermost path. Subsequent paths rotate at half the rate as the path before it. Keyframe this for an amazing animation.
  11. Feather will soften the outline edge of the shapes
  12. Falloff will change the “easing” effect of the feathering.
  13. Center is the position of the middle of the concentric shapes
  14. Rotate All is a uniform rotation of the effect
  15. Scale All will scale the entire effect.

When using the Alpha blend mode option, use with Stroke (FCPX 10.4.9 or higher only) to outline the shapes.

Stroke features:

  1. Stroke Type offers 3 different styles: Color, Gradient and Outline Gradient!
    —changing the Stroke Type will change the parameter list from color picker to gradient designer
  2. Width
  3. Position: Outside, Centered and Inside. Use inside if you want to have sharp points around the shape.
  4. Offset will displace the outline from the actual Alpha edge
  5. Threshold can be used to determine at what point the outline is drawn based on relative opacity of effects that create alpha (and with the Fade parameters below).
  6. Fade Inside will “erode” the inside (alpha/solid) edge.
  7. Fade Outside will “erode” the outside edge.
  8. Fade Width will “burn” both edges.
  9. Fade Falloff affects the easing of the feathering/fades.
  10. Hide Source will turn off the solid portions of the image and leave only the Stroke effect!
  11. Blend Mode will only work with how the Stroke interacts with the solid, non-transparent portions of the image when it “draw” over the source (as when the Offset is negative or the Position is Centered or Inside.)
  12. Mix is an Opacity workalike.

Stroke is the recommended added effect to use, but your download will include our original Alpha Outline that you can substitute until you can upgrade! (Also includes Alpha Levels).

Concentric Shapes Effect and Mask
This example shows a traditional gradient used on the Stroke effect giving it a metallic look.
concShape feature5
This example demontrates the Outline Gradient giving the stroke a 3D curved look.


Installation Instructions.

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