Cookie Cutter


Image shows 4 stacked clips with different shapes over a color solid background.

Cookie Cutter will require FCPX 10.4.9 or higher. There is currently no option to backdate.


Cookie Cutter Shape Masks

The same shapes that come with the Shapes generator that comes with Final Cut Pro X (plus “Pill”).

Shapes can be animated.

No Compound Clips are necessary! Shape mask, outline and drop shadow are all included in a single effect.

Effect can be inverted so that the cutout displays the clip below.

Apply two Cookie Cutter effects inverted to combine their shapes. Use one effect to split another or reshape the effect in unusual configurations.

Combine animation of Source Opacity with Outline Threshold to turn on the outline at a specific point (see tail of video below.

Outline can be offset to create a framing effect.

Outlines can be a gradient that follows the edge so you can give your outline depth, or fashion the gradient to create multiple outlines (as in the Cookie Cutter heart below).

This effect uses a brand new feature in Motion, therefore backdating to previous versions of FCPX will not be possible.



Installation Instructions.

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