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Bossed Titles


Bossed Titles is a two template set: Bossed-M and Bossed-D. Requires FCPX 10.4.10 or better (may be backdated to 10.4.7).

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Bossed Titles — Embossed and Debossed (Engraved) effect

Bossed Titles are easy to use. There are also customized appearance controls to fine tune just the right appearance for the media these are placed on.

One caveat: if you stack these titles in the storyline, you may have to turn off the top one to move the text in the Viewer of  lower titles. To temporarily disable a title, select it in the storyline and type the ‘V’ key. Do the same to toggle it back on after an edit.


Both Titles are basically the same. The “-M” (embossed) version has a few extra parameters in the middle concerning an Outline “edge” effect. There is essentially a drop shadow and an “anti-drop shadow” – opposite in color by default.

There is a second Blend Mode (Outline Blend Mode) that treats the edge as a separate entity. Usually, the Normal blend mode will suffice.

The Trim Edge through Fade Falloff parameters deal with this “highlight” edge.

Threshold deals with how and if the Outline is displayed based on the Opacity of the Outline Color (dial down the disclosure triangle to reveal that parameter).

The outline can be “faded” from both the inside and outside edge of the line to different effect. This can be used to soften its appearance and “distribute the light”.

Bossed - Bossed-M parameters
Bossed-M parameters
Bossed-D parameters

Installation Instructions.

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