Wha? Effect for FCPX


Wha? for when you don’t know what else to say!

Requires FCPX 10.4.8 or higher. May be backdated (possibly to version 10.2.0).


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Wha? (What's that Professor Farnsworth?)

Wha? is an odd little effect I saw on Twitter and I thought it was just… perfect! Somebody was expressing their bewilderment at some situation and they put a whole bunch of question marks in their selfie.

So, now if you come across a (news) story or something that just completely stuns you, you can add question marks to the video! You can also use it to express “wonder”!

Wha? can generate still question marks, or you can have them animate. They can be opaque, or blended with the background.

You have your choice of any font. Scaling is done with the emitter, though. Colors can be singular or multiple and random (“Pick from color range”). Setting up the range is simple — just add the colors to the gradient. It’s already set up for Constant color ranges.

Besides being a typical emitter, there is an OnScreen Control that can be used to set the dimensions of the emitter and where on the screen you want the “?’s” to appear. On top of all that, since this is an Effect, you have access to Shape and Color Masks for further special effects.

Don’t like the default setup? Set up your own and save it as an Effect Preset.

Screen captures:

Wha? detail screenshot 1
Wha? Sized and localized to head area
Wha? effect for FCPX
Wha? full screen
Wha? detail blend modes
Wha? with blend mode


Installation Instructions.

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