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Typography 101


Compatible with FCPX 10.4.8 or higher. May be possible to backdate to 10.4.


Typography 101

A Title for FCPX

Typography 101 is a simple Title effect that displays the basic anatomy of typography: ascender, descender, baseline, x-height and caps-height lines. There is also a vertical “start of text” line available (optional).

Line colors can be customized as well as their individual opacities (they can be faded in/out) separately from each other). There is also a global Opacity control to fade them all at once – even with their various opacities at different settings.

In general, the baseline is the only constant. Many fonts “misbehave” and do not fit the standard typographical settings. This Title has controls for which you can repair those inconsistencies, helpful if your subject matter is actually typography… which I doubt it will be… 😀

It’s an eye-catching effect. Reminds me of grade school.

This effect can only be used with one line of text per Title (this is not entirely true, but you won’t get the results you want with more than one… or maybe you will — try it and see.)


Installation Instructions.

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