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Title Path


Title Path is compatible with Final Cut Pro X 10.4.8 or higher. (It may be backdated to 10.4).

Title Path

A text on path designer Title for Final Cut Pro X

Title Path provides text on a path. Four OnScreen Controls allow you to create a curved path to align the text on. The Title includes a built in method of animating the text along the path in easy to use  NO KEYFRAME methods. You can set a start and end position (the alignment is *always* left align text, so 100% position is the start of the text at the end of the path).

Animating is just a matter of setting a start position and an end position then selection at which point in the title you want the animation to begin and end (calculated in % of clip length). There is a “bounce” effect (with a selectable number of bounces) and an option to adjust the acceleration. OnScreen Control positions are provided for precision placement (you can not animate these parameters — it will not work!)


Demo of Title Path and Shine On effect:

Installation Instructions.

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