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Vegas Baby Title

Vegas Baby Title for FCPX Installation instructions: https://fcpxtemplates.com/install4fcpx/latest.htm User Guide The iconic Las Vegas Welcome sign was designed in 1959 by Betty Willis. It is in the style of “Googie Architecture” (FYI).Read More…

Artistic Magnifier

Artistic Magnifier User Guide

Artistic Magnifier A Title for FCPX User Guide Installation instructions: https://fcpxtemplates.com/install4fcpx/latest.htm Originally designed as a utility magnifier for tutorials and such, it turns out there are interesting visual side effects that makeRead More…


More About Santa and Rudolph

3D models in Apple Motion are essentially text. True 3D is only available to text objects and in order to create a model, the parts must be part of a “font”. CharacterRead More…

Comic Book SC Effect

Introducing a new FCPX effect: Comic Book SC

Literally years in the making. I’ve been after this effect for a long time. I finally had to build a custom halftoning effect for this template and it turned out very nicely.Read More…