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Social Atmosphere


Social Atmosphere gives any clip the appearance of social media, any aspect ratio, vertical or horizontal. There are two versions: the original design and one with “full margins” (“FM”).

Requires Final Cut Pro 10.4.10 or higher. Social Atmosphere (both variants) need to be installed as Titles.

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Social Atmosphere - for every clip

Social Atmosphere comes in two “flavors”: Original and FM (Full Margins). The original’s margins can be inset by reducing the dimensional size of the media used. The “FM” version will always keep a full frame fill. Both versions have exactly the same parameter setups.

Parameter Overview

H Aspect and V Aspect can be used to control the size of the original clip. Notice the default relationship of 4.0 to 1.0! This is the designed maximum aspect ratio of the effect.

When changing the H Aspect value to change an HD or wider clip to 9:16 vertical, simply set the value to 0.5625 which is the result of 9/16. A value of 1.0 will set the media to a Square aspect.

The V Aspect can also be used to create “ultra-widescreen” effects in a similar manner.

H Offset and V Offset can be used to offset the original media from the center, and/or animate (via keyframing) the *size* of the original media (down to 0 is possible!)

Media H Offset and Media V Offset can be used to position the original media or to animate it (keyframed) from off screen to any position on screen (see Socialize Insets below).


Social Atmosphere parameters

Just like the original media can be positioned and animated, so can the “margin image” be offset and animated (which is a very nice touch when used with 360º media!)

Margin Blur sets the amount of “defocus”.

Backing can be used as a kind of drop shadow — a separator of sorts — or to highlight or “wash out” the margins. It will require Feather greater than zero.

Outline and Drop Shadow should be self-explanatory!


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Installation Instructions.

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