Simple Counter 2.3


Compatible with FCPX 10.0.6 or higher.


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Simple Counter 2.3

(from 2012 — version 2.0 included)

What’s new in 2.0

  • The Number countdown timing mechanism has been re-engineered in order to be able to set a starting value.
  • A Countdown Start parameter has been added to the top of the parameter list in the inspector (everything else remains the same). Possible values are 10 down to 1 on a slider control. Internally, the slider parameter values are “stepped”. You only need to be concerned with the whole number value to the left of the decimal point (there is no way to control how FCPX displays slider values.) No matter which starting value you use, the generator becomes transparent when the value of 0 is reached on the clock (you never see the zero.)
  • A project loop marker has been added, which means that this generator can be cut down to size without affecting the speed of the countdown. Stretching the timing of the generator will cause the countdown to restart every 10 seconds (roughly — this isn’t a “precision” effect! The exact length of the generator as designed is 10 seconds, 21 frames.)

What’s new in 2.3

Upon request, I’ve added the ability to set the starting number of the countdown from any number between 10 down to and including 1. I’ve added a special device that will make the timing the same no matter what length you make the generator; however, making it longer will cause the countdown to restart every 10 seconds and 21 frames (… details… 😛 ) This means the overall behavior of this generator is slightly different than the original, so you might want to keep both if you like stretching out or speeding up the timing.



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