SC Line – iMovie Line made new for FCPX


Requires FCPX 10.4.8 but can be backdated to 10.4. To be installed as a Title.

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About SC Line

A whole lot of templates/plugins I create begin with requests and/or problem discussions on Apple Support Communities forum. This template is redesigned from the Title with the same name in iMovie with extra added features.

SC Line Features

A short list:

Build In/Build Out animation options.

Match Top Text — an option to match the line length to either the top text or the bottom text. This will help out if the top text is longer than the bottom text or you simply want the shorter line under the top text.

There is a parameter (Center Line) to recenter the line, if necessary.

There is a parameter to override the line width (Width Adjust).

There is also a parameter to place the title vertically in the scene.

Use the Text Inspector for all other text options.


Installation Instructions.

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