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Repeater Title


This Title effect requires FCPX 10.4.3 or higher.

User guide


A Title for Final Cut Pro X

Repeater is an auto-animated effect. Whatever text is applied will be repeated across the screen horizontally and vertically with every other line moving in the opposite direction.  It is ten seconds long by default but can be time stretched to 20 seconds without affecting the smoothness.

Create one to three lines of text. The text will automatically be center aligned. There are several parameters that allow you to format the arrangement of text over the screen (with some twists!) Set the number of repeats on one line. Subsequent lines are duplicated with every other line designed to move in the opposite direction (referred to as “Line Pairs”). Alternate lines can be designed to have different text colors (for contrast/complement). The text arrangement is designed to be placed over background media which can be blurred to create a perceived distance between the repeated text and the background.  Text is repeated over a very wide distance so that horizontal displacement can be applied. This will become important if you decide you would like to use “Twists” you will be able to use the effect to frame other media or foreground titles. As with most effects created by Sight-Creations, this title has a wide “latitude” of customization so that you can make this effect your own!


Installation Instructions.

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