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Put A Bow On It


Wrap your holiday videos and Put A Bow On It!

To be installed as an Effect.

Requires the installation of the two provided fonts (ZZSCPackages and ZZSCStrokes).

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Put a Bow on It — for the Holidays

A simple effect. Easy to use. On Screen Controls to position the Bow and Ribbons as well as arrange the drop shadow (bow only).

Save your layouts as Effects Presets. Apply to any aspect ratio and have the same relative layout.

Works with Vertical and Square video as well as “theater” aspects (widescreens).

This effect can be applied to video, images, generators and titles. When using with Titles, it is possible to place the ribbons behind the text! (Turn on the For Titles option.)

Remember that ALL Text takes precedence over onscreen controls. Click in the viewer and change the “tool” away from Select to Blade (B), Range (R), Trim (T), Hand (H) or Position (P) to access the onscreen controls.


(Turn on Closed Captioning to view titles.)

Installation Instructions.

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