Tandem Title


Requires FCPX 10.3 or above.


Requires FCPX 10.3 or above.


Fairly simple, highly versatile title for FCPX 10.3. This title makes use of new features to align a line between two separate text elements. Unfortunately, it is not possible to animate *both* the text positions. You *can* animate the Text 2 Position relative, but only the Text 2 Position parameter (you must keyframe the parameters within the inspector).

A lot of parameters. Title Opacity fades everything at once. Each element (text 1, text 2, the dots, their fills and outlines, and the line) have their own color and opacity controls. Dots and line can be setup to align to any part of either text element, for example: centered right on the left text object to middle top on the second. There are offset controls for the dots/line endings to fine tune positions and the dots have a radius control.  The Text objects also act as onscreen controls for positioning. Just click and drag the text around the screen and everything is automatically positioned.

It’s easy to daisy chain the title by option dragging a first “instance” to make a duplicate, then dragging one or the other text object from its position leaving the other one on top of the Tandem title below; or, set the opacity of one text object to zero and align the dots.

What creative variation can you come up with?