SMPTE Bars & Tone 4K UHD


SMPTE Bars & Tone updated for 4K projects. Download requires FCPX 10.4.7, but this template can be backdated to 10.3.


SMPTE Bars & Tone 4K UHD

Generator for Final Cut Pro

This template is for effect only. It is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate (it is very close though).

The 1kHz tone is located in the Media folder of the SMPTE Bars and Tone 4K UHD template folder.

Several minor fixes have been made to this template providing better fitting color regions and sealing some minor “cracks”. It should now be 100% opaque if placed over other media.

Installation Instructions

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Take this effect to another level with Highlighter! Use it to key out the individual colors (the key can even be animated with the new HSL Color Mask in FCPX 10.4.7!)

Why this template is no longer free?

Once upon a time I could monetize my videos on YouTube. I would post a video for a product and rely on views to make money. As it turned out, users would go to a video and stay just long enough to find the download link in the Description… then leave. YouTube now requires a certain number of hours (5000) a year at a minimum to monetize videos. To this day, I am still not meeting that requirement. I still try to keep the cost of most of my templates down to a minimum — that does not mean they are inferior — it just means they’re more affordable than you would find from others.


SMPTE Bars & Tone (original)

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