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MTM Opener


70’s retro television opener (Mary Tyler Moore show).

The font “Moore Mary” (which is freeware) accompanies this purchase. Install it first before using this title (it is set as the default font).

Requires FCPX 10.4.10 or higher. May be backdated to 10.4.

MTM Opener - Retro 70's Television

On first drop, MTM Opener is perfectly timed to match the original (about 6.5 seconds) although the actual length of the title is 7 seconds. There is a “fly-through” and the last 1/2 second is empty.

This title includes the freeware font Moore Mary (it has been slightly modified by me to make it more “Mac-friendly” and renamed to Moore Mary-Medium.ttf). Install this font with Font Book before using the title (it’s set up to use this font as its default). You have the option to use **any** font you like with this Title.

Note: If you already have Moore Mary installed, check the Title before installing the version provided. If needed, install the provided version and double check in Font Book to make sure the two fonts will validate properly.

MTM Opener is very easy to use: simply add it to your storyline and change the text. You have plenty of options to customize its appearance if you so choose.

Let's look at the parameters:

Clip Font Height adds a mask to trim the overall height of the font (if you compare to the original tv show title, you’ll see the ascenders/descenders are shortened somewhat). This mask as a fixed height. You are likely to  need to make adjustments to the Font Size if you change fonts, and you can use the Baseline parameter to help line up the text inside this “box”.

Background Color — This title transitions from a blue at the start to a black background. You can change either of these to suit your needs.

Primary Text Color — The same as background color.

Adjust Flythrought — move the playhead to the last frame of the text on the screen (it grows until it disappears!) Use the Move X and Move Y to line up the part of the text you prefer to be in the center of the screen as the text enlarges to reveal the background clip.

Trim Alpha Edge — there is a slight “outlining” around the transparent text that should not be very noticeable. However, if it bothers you, you can turn up this parameter to trim it back somewhat (it probably will not completely eliminate the alpha edge, but it will be minimized).


MTM Opener parameters

The two gradients (Upper and Lower) are provided to recolor the animated text that expands from the center.  You may edit each one independently from the other. If you would like to copy colors to other “segments”, all you need to do is dial down the disclosure triangle, click on one of the gradient tabs, and drag the color from the Color swatch to one of the other gradient tabs (BTW – this works with ANY color you have in any and all of the effects you have added to your title or clip — for standard color swatches, you can just drag from one to the other swatch.

Note: you may need to move the playhead to see the change in the gradients, but you should notice the color change in the tab itself as soon as you drop a color on it.)

For your convenience, the Font Collection, Font, Size, Tracking, and Baseline parameters are provided to you in this Title’s inspector.


Installation Instructions.

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