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Online Tools

Web based online tools provided by Sight-Creations/FCPXTemplates

Font Inspector: a tool to display the character maps of font files. Especially useful if you have a shapes font for 3D model development in Motion.

Motion Template Backdater: developers usually have to use the latest version of Motion. As it turns out, FCPX “reads” template files to find out which version of Motion made the template. This tools can change that information so older versions of FCPX can use your Template. *(You must be aware of the features used in any given template — you cannot simply backdate any template and have it work in FCPX. For example, you cannot backdate a template using 360º video or 3D Text to versions of FCPX that did not utilize those features.)

Create Filler Text: Lorem Ipsum up to 13 paragraphs worth. Options are “regular” Latin and Gaelic languages if you don’t want to be stuck with Lorem Ipsum — be different!

Space Shapes Font Characters

Font Inspector— Find those special characters for use with 3D modeling

Motion Template Backdater

Motion Template Backdater

Backdate Motion Templates to make them compatible with older versions of Final Cut

Lorem Ipsum filler text tool

Lorem Ipsum, straight Latin and even Gaelic filler text generator

Fonts to use with Font Inspector:

Googie Glyphs

Space Shapes

Rogue Too (already loaded by default)




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Space Shapes Font Characters

FCPXTemplates Font Inspector

FCPXTemplates Font Inspector

Key Map Guide for TrueType/OpenType 3D modeling fontsMore information and user guide


This page uses opentype.js (copyright © 2017 Frederik De Bleser) available on GitHub under the MIT License.

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ZZSC Rogue Too font is a free download — Get it here!

Create Filler Text - Lorem Ipsum filler text online tool

Create Filler Text

Create Filler Text

Use this tool to create filler text for sections of text. The text generated is either the classic Lorem Ipsum, or you have a choice of random Latin and Gaelic! (for an interesting twist on the classic).

Lorem Ipsum generator

Choose type:

Number of paragraphs (1 – 13) Randomize

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Motion Template Backdater online tool

Motion Template Backdater

Motion Template Backdater

Use Motion Template Backdater to backdate your Motion Templates to be compatible with the version of FCPX you are running. You should research the types of features in your template to make sure your version of Final Cut will be “aware” of those features. Expect that if the template you’re backdating requires certain dependencies, it may not work. That won’t break FCPX, but you should remove templates that don’t work from the Motion Templates hierarchy and keep your downloaded file as a backup until you can upgrade.

If you have not done so before, please read the Instructions & Notes below. It will toggle to display when you click the button.

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