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Reveal by Thirds


Compatible with FCPX 10.0.4 or later.

Reveal by Thirds

A Classic!

Reveal by Thirds uses Build In and Out by squeezing the scene to reveal text title space. Title uses built in Text Edit tools (Paragraph Text to add tabs) to assist in formatting. Parameter controls to animate type-on/type-off.


Text entry in the published parameters for your convenience (text is obscured for the first and last 15 frames when the respective Builds are on.)

To change texts as in “rolling” credits:

  • Apply several Reveal by Thirds titles to the Storyline in succession, edge to edge (select in Browser and type the ‘q’ key several times to add multiple titles in sequence).
  • Turn Off Build Out on the first, turn off Build In and Build Out on all the middle titles.
  • Turn off Build In on the last but leave Build Out On.

Use Keyframes to set Type On End from 0 to 100 to have the text type on.

Follow with keyframing Type On Start from 0 to 100 afterwards, to “erase” the text off.

Keyframing fade-in/outs with Font Opacity is available with Font Opacity.

Keyframing a Blur In/Out is available with Font Blur.

This effect is optimized for HD (16:9) formatting only. It may be usable in SD and others, but be prepared to manually adjust the location of the text blocks.

Installation Instructions.

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