Progress Plus


Progress Plus is compatible with FCPX 10.4.6+.


Progress Plus

Count Down/Count Up Timing Effect

Progress Plus was inspired by a video by Ben Halsall on YouTube. You don’t need this effect if you use his method, but this effect offers so much more, plus the convenience!

This effect is compatible with all supported time bases offered by Final Cut Pro: 24, 25, 30, 50 and 60 frames per second (drop-frame projects should use the nearest whole number project timebase.)

On “drop”, this is a simple progress bar. The bar can be customized with bar color, track color, outline color, width, height, vertical position on the screen and blend mode.

Options to Show Time, Show 10ths (of seconds), Show Leading 0, and Show Frames (frame count).

If you use the time options, you supply the Clip Length by typing in the timecode length and set the Timebase to your project’s frame rate (or closest non-drop-frame value). Keyboard shortcuts for timecode entry work. For example, you can enter 30 minutes as “30..”, “30,,”, “30;;” or “30::” and Final Cut will fill in the zeros for you. To enter a time like 1:09:09, simply type “1.9.9”. Simple and convenient!

This effect can be added to video clips, still images, generators and titles. Retiming video or stretching out titles/generators work just as well — simply update the Clip Length parameter.

Progress Plus is a different effect with a different intent than Progress % of Clip.

Installation Instructions.

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