EZ Track 3D

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Automate or keyframe 3D text animations. Requires FCPX 10.2.1 or higher. EZ Track 3Dn requires FCPX 10.4.7 or higher (but can be backdated). This template may require a GPU with a minimum of 1 GB vRAM.


EZ Track 3D

A Title for spatial animation

Dec. 7, 2019: Added a more simple to understand version to the download ( The original uses symbols (explained in the User Guide). The new version lays out all the UI in plain language. Also, the preset text design (Marble with gold siding) has been changed to a Generic White all around. It’s a better starting point and you can choose your own materials in the Text Inspector. Otherwise, it is still the same plugin.

EZ Track 3D is a “Basic Title” designed in 3D and for easy animations. This template avoids “precision” keyframing in favor of relative animation.

Some very sophisticated animations can be created with this effect, easily. If you need keyframing, use the position and rotation offset parameters. Otherwise, used the Rotate (°/sec) and Delta (distance/sec) parameters to automate the process. All animations are relative to wherever you place the text in the viewer. Pick a starting position and move the playhead to the end and dial in the ending position — a very visual way to create animation. If you need “variance” – keyframe the offsets around the motion animation.

Parameters guide included with download.

New: User Guide

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