Magnifier 3


Magnifier 3 should be compatible with FCPX 10.2+. Update Magnifier 3.1 included might require 10.3+. If you have an older version of FCPX, use Magnifier 3.


Magnifier 3

Magnifier 3 is a fast highlighter. Simply click on the rectangle and drag it around. OnScreen Control points around the rectangle allow you to resize the rectangle on the screen to fit whatever region you need.

Short parameter list. Magnifier shape can be changed from Rectangle to Oval. Border color and size parameters available along with “draw on” controls.

This is not a perfect magnifier as you might have to drag it off the edge of the frame by one half the size of the rectangle to show content along the edges of the frame. It is however, fast and it gets the job done.

This title is a development “experiment” and therefore offered at a greatly reduced price.


Installation Instructions.

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