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Grammy Award


Requirements: Final Cut Pro X 10.4 or higher, installation of the provided ZZSC Turntable Basics font.

Recommended: Installation of the included Glint Effect if one does not already exist.


Grammy Award

3D Model and Title effect for Grammy Award videos

Take your Grammy Award commentaries/presentations to a new level!

Glint Effect and required font included with download.

Combination 3D Model of the Grammy Award statue and editable title for Final Cut.

Easy to use — just install the font and use this title just like any other title in Final Cut. Parameter controls provided for Position, Rotation(s), Scale, Light Angle and Intensity and a feature to simulate Wide Angle to Normal camera lenses.

Label text is Virtus, a typeface available to all users of Final Cut Pro X (and Apple Motion).


If you would like to make changes to the Label text font, you will need Apple Motion 5.4 or higher. If you need help making the changes, contact me through the Store > Support link with the request for instructions.

Note: This model was created without taking measurements. An exact duplication of proportions was never intended. This is technically an illustration of the actual award.

Installation Instructions.

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