Pricing Policy

All of my products are quality products — I stand by them. They are inexpensive because my policy is to give you your money’s worth. Pricing is fundamentally based on the estimation of how often you will have use for a particular product. I do not advertise. I have no staff to pay. There is just me and I’m not trying to “hold you up.”

In General (but not absolutely)


Low pricing:

Sporadic usage. Special occasion. Fandom. Less variation available. Not very likely to be used in very many projects. Exception: SC Sharpen Tools (quite possibly my most downloaded effect since 2011).

Mid-Level prices:

Mainly plugins you will use in almost every project or on almost every clip have more value than templates that will be used more sporadically. There is more value in these plugins in the long run, and the higher the price, the more value I expect you to get. For example, in the SC KeyFX set of effects, scKey Sharpen should be applied to every clip you use as a matter of course. Its effect is subtle, but impressive. scKey Fill can be used for so much, including “Looks” (without going to LUTs or “color correction”). It’s fast, simple, light-weight and easy to use.

3D Model effects are also higher priced because of the extra work in developing and building the 3D Models. These are more specialty items (MacBook Pro, The Tower, Solari Strip, etc.).  These templates also have educational value if you are a like-minded developer with Motion.

High Prices:

Very difficult products to bring to the public that took a very long time to develop and more expertise than just Motion. This constitutes only one of my products: Intertitle. Intertitle is a 3D Text effect with multiple designs built in. The border designs were painstakingly developed as a Font. You also obtain a license to use the font for any of your own projects (however, you are not allowed to sell or distribute the font to others!)

Additional information

I developed a large number of effects which I had originally planned to use YouTube video monetization to generate income. YouTube bases monetization on hours of video watched. Eventually, people would find my videos, go directly to the download link in the description, and leave. YouTube cancelled my ability to monetize. So I started this “store”. I still try to keep your costs at a minimum, but this store is also my only means of income.

If you have trouble working or understanding my product, I will be more than happy to assist you in learning how to use it. If for any reason you wish to give up on it, I will refund your purchase.

What do you have to lose?

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