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Motion Template protection tool

Sight•Creations respects the copyrights of template designers. Files uploaded to this page (and site) are not collected, cataloged or saved. The template data is taken into a user’s browser and the uploaded file is instantly deleted from this domain. Once a user leaves this page, everything is gone!

This page is intended for use by people who design Motion templates and want to protect how the templates were made from being directly copied or altered, or simply to protect them from being accidentally damaged by an end user.

The method of protection used will simply keep end users of your template from being able to open the files in Motion. It will not prevent file duplication copies or (illegally) sharing.

The method of protection used is not absolute. It will protect your templates from people who don’t know how the protection is applied, but for those who know, the protection is easily undone.

The method of protection is not mentioned on this site and it is very unlikely you will find it anywhere on the internet. So far, it’s been a fairly well kept secret. 

— F•X Mahoney — sight•creations /


This tool will accept .moef (effects), .motn (generators), .moti (titles) and .motr (transition) files for upload.

Click the Browse button and find and select your Motion Template file. Click the Upload File button.

As soon as the replacement file is prepared, you will see a notice and a “Download Motion Template File” button.

Save your file in a different location than the original.

The version you download will NOT be able to be opened in Motion! THERE IS NO “UNDO”! (Well… there is… but it would defeat the purpose of this tool if I spell it out. It’s what the backup is for!)