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  • Puzzle HD fcpx generator
    This is a 3D model Generator project and requires installation of a font (ZZSC Puzzle HD – regular.ttf).Easy to use, but must be keyframed. The font is precision crafted and the edges can be made to virtually disappear (Front Edge Size parameter set to 0).Drop zone allows video (kind of a big deal since it is a “texture” for a 3D object which doesn’t work in Titles!)
  • Gilligan's Helm Title

    The Helm Wheel opener effect from the 60’s television show. Features: animate wheel spin, wheel tilt and “yaw” (x and y axis rotations) and position (includes an onscreen control to assist placement.) Drop Zone controls to allow pan and scale to fit media in place.

  • Illustrated Fireworks effect

    Illustrated style fireworks effect generator for video projects developed in Final Cut Pro X.