SRT to ITT Converter Instructions & Notes: Any kind of text file can be uploaded, but only .srt files will work. Use the Browse button to locate an .srt file on your system. From the Target Framerate menu, select the framerate your project will be using for your video. It is very important that the framerates match! Then click the Send File button. . Upon uploading an .srt file, there will be a message noting the name of the Uploaded File and how many captions were found. If the number of captions is 0, you didn't upload an .srt file, or it was corrupted in some way. The compiled conversion will be shown in a display area below and you can inspect it for accuracy. Click the Download ITT File button to download a copy to your system. You will then be able to import your subtitles into Final Cut Pro X. You can also use FCPX to convert your ITT subtitles to CEA-608 Closed Captions by changing the Caption Role preference.
NOTE: this converter strips any "HTML" formatting from the .srt file upon conversion. Implementing style translation is still under development.
NOTE: No uploads are captured or saved by this site. The data you upload only exists in your browser pages for processing. Do not reload this page after uploading a file! You may upload as many files as you want, just overwrite the previous upload as needed.
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