Sight•Creations respects the copyrights of template designers. Files uploaded to this page (and site) are not collected, cataloged or saved. The template data is taken into a user's browser and the uploaded file is instantly deleted from this domain. This page is intended for use by people who, by design or limitation, are not able to update to the latest version of Final Cut Pro and may need the use of templates created since that version. Motion designers using the latest version of Motion can use this backdater to retrofit their published templates for users of older versions of Final Cut Pro — without fear that their work is being hijacked or otherwised copied.
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Instructions & Notes:
Please read FCPX Motion Compatibility before proceeding.

This tool will accept .moef (effects), .motn (generators), .moti (titles) and .motr (transition) files for upload. Choose the version you need to backdate the template to from the Backdate to FCPX version menu selection.

DO NOT go forward in versions — only backwards!

Do not backdate further than needed.

Realize that if the Motion Template you are attempting to backdate contains anything the older version of FCPX you are backdating to does not "understand", this will not work! Since your template is not working with your previous version of FCPX, it won't hurt to try!

You cannot backdate templates made with Motion 5.2 or later to before FCPX 10.2, even though ALL templates made from version 5.0 still work in all modern versions of FCPX. Backdated templates before 10.2 will break — and they'll cause problems with FCPX [this coincides with the update to "Metal"].

Before you Download Motion Template, check the changes to make sure you have selected the correct version to backdate to (that information will appear below this form.) In the download dialog, check to make sure the name of the file is correct and do not change it! It should be exactly the same name as the file you uploaded.

Best of luck!

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